Slant boards for writing adjustable dress

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But why would you use a slant board and what are the benefits of a slant board for writing? A beginning or first attempt; hence, a first appearance before the public, as of an actor or public speaker.

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A modification of the kaleidoscope; -- used to reflect images so as to form beautiful designs. One who dangles about or after others, especially after women; a trifler.Mar 21,  · A slant board provides a slanted writing surface, which can better position a student's wrist for writing.

Placing writing paper on a slant board can also make it easier for the student to copy information from the board. A slant board holds items on a tilting angle for easier reading and working from a sitting or standing position, or from a wheelchair. Some have a fixed angle while others are adjustable to fit the user.

A slant board design varies from a lap desk, to a portable easel, to an adjustable full size desk. Magazine articles & Newspapers cuttings (more or less in chronological order - the date isn't always exactly known).

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Slant Boards and Handwriting Helpers Download
Slant boards for writing adjustable dress
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