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This purpose is analogous to a journey in that we move forward along the path of life in a unique way, and are always in the process of becoming. We all develop survival strategies to get us through our childhood.

At a most basic level, Assagioli understood the human being not as an isolated individual to be observed but as a subject in continuous, active interaction with a larger relational field. He wrote, "There are not really two selves, two independent and separate entities.

Postgraduate Diploma in Psychosynthesis Counselling This course lasts two years, is awarded by the Psychosynthesis Trust and accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Please leave a message and I will endeavour to get back to you within 24 hours. While not rejecting the psychoanalytical emphasis on unconscious, drives and urges, this approach is inclusive of the heights of human experience in addition to pathology and looks to a persons present and future potentiality as well as their childhood experiences and trauma.

The overall process of psychosynthesis can be divided into two stages: The personal stage involves the healing and integration of aspects of the personality and the personal self through the process of self-actualisation.

Please call me on if you would like a free 15 minute phone call to answer any questions you may have. Psychosynthesis was the result of the life and work of its founder, Dr. In he completed his Doctoral thesis on Psychoanalysis, however in the same year he also laid the foundations for his departure and his own theoretical approach through writing a critique of Psychoanalysis.

Psychosynthesis thus became the first approach, born of psychoanalysis, which would include: With the onset of WWII he was forced to hide out in the Italian countryside with his son, who prematurely died during this time. Give me a call. We are committed to bringing benefit to the individual and collective through teaching psychosynthesis and supporting ongoing enquiry into psychospiritual development.

That is, "I" is never the object of experience. A relationship needs to be built. Psychosynthesis in Western Psychology. Ultimately, these stages are designed to help clients discover the deep core of who they really are.

Assagioli was clear that "I" and Self were from one point of view, one. Relating to Self may lead for example to engagement with addictions and compulsions, to the heights of creative and religious experience, to the mysteries of unitive experience, to issues of meaning and mortality, to grappling with early childhood wounding, to discerning a sense of purpose and meaning in life.

New York and Beunos Aires: The resistance we feel to working on ourselves is there for a reason and that reason is protection.

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These are tailored to a client's individual needs, existential situation, psychological type, desired future goals and path of development. I can support you through what may be a difficult time in your life, to help you manage life better and to increase your self confidence and clarity so you can move forwards.

Each step forward contains the possibility of actualising our potential. Stages[ edit ] Writing about the model of the person presented above, Assagioli states that it is a "structural, static, almost 'anatomical' representation of our inner constitution, while it leaves out its dynamic aspect, which is the most important and essential one".

By briefly introducing the underlying philosophical foundation of this approach and giving an overview of the life and work of its founder, its influences and history, it may be possible to gain greater insight into the development of this system in relation to psychology and psychotherapy in the 20th Century and beyond.

This "noself" view of "I" can be seen in Assagioli's discussion of "I" as a reflection of Self: How psychosynthesis could help Theories of psychosynthesis The practice of psychosynthesis is based on the idea that every person only uses a small part of their potential and that we are all capable of leading fulfilling lives.

The relationship of "I" and Self is paradoxical. This means the client is able to identify and establish control over these aspects of their being, which enables them to attain a higher level of functioning in terms of their work, relationships and other areas of life that are meaningful to them.

But "I" is dynamic as well as receptive: Psychosynthesis is an integrative approach to counselling and psychotherapy, which has grown and expanded over the course of the 20th century.

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This means that no matter what type of experience is engaged, and no matter what phase of growth is negotiated, the complexity and uniqueness of the person may be respected—a fundamental principle in any application of psychosynthesis.

How does psychosynthesis work? The second stage - transpersonal psychosynthesis - involves the self-realisation part of therapy, in which the client establishes contact with their deepest callings and desired goals in life.

Another core theoretical assumption of psychosynthesis is the belief that out of every crisis or challenge, something new is seeking to emerge that will lead us on to the path of growth and transformation.The Institute of Psychosynthesis is a psychospiritual self-development centre in North London, that offers a wide range of people a training in Inner Resilience (Core Training) to enable them to make a significant difference in their worlds.

Some people then go on to a clinically accredited programme in psychotherapy, counselling and coach training. Psychosynthesis is an approach to psychology that was developed by Italian psychiatrist, () Psychosynthesis Counselling in Action (Counselling in Action series) 4th Edition.

Sage. Sørensen, Kenneth, (). The Soul of Psychosynthesis - The Seven Core Concepts. Kentaur Forlag. Psychosynthesis COUNSELLING. The essence of psychosynthesis perspective is that each of us has a purpose in life, and has challenges and obstacles to meet in order to fulfil that purpose.

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Psychosynthesis is an approach to psychology that was developed by Italian psychiatrist, Roberto Assagioli. He compared psychosynthesis to the prevailing thinking of the day, contrasting psychosynthesis for example with existential psychology, but unlike the latter considered loneliness not to be "either ultimate or essential".

The Psychosynthesis Trust trains counsellors and psychotherapists and offers personal development courses to people exploring their psychospiritual development.

The longest established psychosynthesis centre in the UK, the Trust was founded in by ‘the father of psychosynthesis’, Roberto Assagioli, together with Sir George Trevelyan, Dr Martin Israel and Geoffrey Leytham. The Psychosynthesis Trust trains counsellors and psychotherapists and offers personal development courses to people exploring their psychospiritual development.

Psychosynthesis counsellors
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